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Foil Boarding caves on the Isle Of Wight.

We went to visit our homie Dougie on the Isle Of Wight and take his Zapcat out for this years maiden voyage.  After getting the Zappy all dolled up and ready to go we met up with local pro kitesurfer Tom Court who kindly gave us a toe to the beautiful Freshwater Bay and we got the boat wet.  Dougie and Tom have been getting more and more into Foil boarding over the last couple of years and they are both esteemed riders in their own right, featuring regularly in foiling magazines with killer shots from their home on the IOW and all over the world. A foiling adventure is nothing new to them and neither is finding ways to...

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Urban Kayaking through Central London.

The sun finally put its hat on and we went out to play!  We hooked up with Tommo from Moors 2 Mountains and went on a spur of the moment paddle through central London.  With the hope of a beautiful sunrise, Tommo convinced me to camp out in our cars in the middle of nowhere just outside central London. The last minuet decision rewarded us with a lush morning paddle on an empty stretch of the River Lea and sun rising over misty waters.    We hopped in the "Polar Bear" van and made our way into London.  As Tommo was getting the kit out and ready I went to brush up on my non-existent Kayaking skills. After turning down Tommo's...

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