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Lockdown Shredtown III - DIY Snow Park build

So lockdown continues in ski resorts around the world and so does our series of stories of how this small group of homies is dealing with it!

If you didn’t catch our first 2 instalments (click here) we started by building (and then breaking) our own features. We then found some real features only for the spot to be destroyed for some fucking nonsense.

This left us at a loss, with nothing to play wit and a new spot to find. The group message was alive with ideas and arguments about where to go next but came down to myself and top homie Oli (as we are both the most unemployed) to go out hunting.

Photo by Patrick Williams

We settled on a sweet little spot in the sunshine next to a depressingly closed bar with a little cannon pile perfect to be showed into a kicker, the first kicker for me of the season! We got that built and had our first little play in the sun.

Photo by Patrick Williams

By the next day the team had acquired a couple of rails, one 2m baby rail perfect for people's first transition from box to steel and another sweet down rail that looked like it could have come straight out of some town centre.

Photo by Patrick Williams

The lads set it up super steep and before long it has claimed its first victim, the worst possible edge catch on backboard to send the intimate scorpion face first down the rail. Perfect to shit everyone up, man I wish we had on video! Boredom is a powerful motivator though and we were soon back up there and discovered it was an actual treat for the nosepress down.

This brought us up to the weekend, people lucky enough to have work were sacking it off for the sunshine shred! Team was vibes and beers were cracked. We set up the rail at a slightly less ‘shit your pants’ angle and the sesh was on!

Photo by Patrick Williams

With the wee baby rail at the top and a new Side hit on the kicker and a few other little features about we had the vibes of a spring time sesh in the sunshine, smiles for miles! We had a multi national group of shredders thrown shapes and life was good.

Photo by Patrick Williams

It was too much easy fun and the cops came to provide the challenge we didn’t need, although outside and distanced this was free fun and they were only gonna let that slide for so long. They rolled in and threatened with fines that shut us down pretty good.

At least we are used to it now and we got what we needed, a good bit of stoke flowing and the sort of joy only a shred with the homies with a beer can bring. So we immediately started arguing over where to go next, how much sun is the, we want a big kicker now, somewhere out of sight. So many options and so much time. It’s lockdown in a shred town!