Amy & Ludi

Our Journey

The BamBooBay journey began before we could possibly know, it began with two like minded people on a quest for fun, snow and fresh turns, it began during a winter season in beautiful St Anton, Austria when Ludi met Amy. 

Unlike a lot of ski season romances this one stuck, it stuck when they got back to the UK and lived together on the Isle Of Wight while wakeboarding, exploring and picking up shifts in a local pub for a summer and it stuck when they ventured out once more for another season, this time in Whistler - Canada, it stuck all the way around the world riding and adventuring along the way, season after season, adventure after adventure, missed transfer after missed transfer.

Amy eventually got an intern job for a well established surf brand in the South of France and after working in what should have been her dream job, she started to realise the heavy effects of mass produced fashion on the environment and wondered if there was another way. The World “Our playground” had given so much and the industry Amy loved was not giving much back, she decided to research alternative materials, packaging, ethics and ways of producing clothes which had lower negative impacts on the environment. 

After moving back to Brighton, BamBooBay was born, Amy and Ludi decided to make their own ethically conscious clothing company using more sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and recycled fabrics. They teamed up with local artists, designers, models and photographers to bring BamBooBay to life. 

They took BamBooBay to the mountains and beaches of Europe and even out to Canada to expand and learn while still being part of the life they love. Then their world was changed forever with the arrival of their child! 

Now BamBooBay is back where it all began in the UK and has two new team members in Amy's dad ‘Papa G’ and tech wizard and long time friend Oosh. 

Together they are bringing BamBooBay into a new decade with revived vigour and spirit while still being true to the mission that planted the seed and they couldn't be more excited to share it with you.